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Quick Overview : The Ayurvedic Skin Radiance Oil

Kumkumadi Tailam is a complete facial massage oil that takes place with an ancient herbal formulation of 27 useful herbs & natural minerals processed with Cow's milk and Oleum Sesamum indicum to make up the best kept beauty secret of Ayurveda. Kumkuma (Saffron) unifies the skin tone and pigmentation spots. Saffron are the stigmas of Crocus sativus flower. There are only 3 stigmas per flower and it takes 13125 stigmas to weigh 1oz. Hence it is the world's most expensive herb. It saturates the skin to give it a natural glowing fairness and is extremely beneficial in improving the colour & texture of facial skin. Other active substances present in Kumkumadi Tailam are Manjishtha to purify blood that fights and prevents acne; Rakta Chandan, to reduce skin irritation; Padma with its astringent properties; Lodhra to prevent and combat skin infections and very natural sunscreen effect producing herb; besides various other nutritious herbs & natural minerals, providing effective deep-cleansing, moisturizing, soothing and naturally bleaching actions alongwith astringent, disinfectant, antiseptic, and deodorant properties to protect the facial skin from unwanted blemishes, under eye dark circles, eruptions & premature wrinkles, besides toning up the skin to protect it from harmful effects of ultra-violet sun rays.

Composition: Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam is a hand made and processed herbo-mineral combination of 0.15% each of Kumkum (Saffron), Shavet chandan, Lodhara, Patanga, Rakta chandan, Agaru, Usheer, Manjishtha, Madhu yashti, Tejpatra, Padmaka, Padma, Kushtha, Gorochana, Haridra, Laksha, Daru Haldi, Gairika, Nag Kesar, Palash Kusum, Priangu, Vatankura, Malti, Madhucchita, Sarsapa, Rasna, Vacha, processed with 19.19% of extra virgin Oleum Sesamum indicum & 76.76% of Cow's Milk by using unique Ksheerpak & other traditional Kalka based Ayurvedic processes.
ActionsPalash Kusum Patanga soothe & relax skin cells and give it a serene look. Chandan & Usheera reduce skin irritations and give it a cool sensation. Manjistha & Kumkuma work on skin internally and reduce any freckles & discoloration. Laksa & Kumkuma Kalka (thick paste) improve skin’s texture while highlighting its complexion, naturally. Padma & Padmaka act as an astringent and give an even-tone to skin. Yashtimadhu & Kumkuma Kalka make skin glow and give it an easily visible radiance. Ajakshira & Ksheera condition the skin and give it a soft, moisturized feel. Laksa Kalka & Nyagrodhapada smoothe the skin and make it clear & flawless. Lodhra lightens skin’s colour and reduces irritations.
A gentle massage with Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam stimulates circulation, facilitate the drainage of toxins, eliminate tension, unblock energy and relax the mind subsequently toning the muscles of the face and nourish the skin. Where it is impossible usually for the chemical based creams, it is the fundamental principle of Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam to spread better and evenly because of its all natural ingredients & traditional making processes. With its ability to penetrate deeper into the pores of epithelial surfaces Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam gradually diminishes the left over marks of pimples, acne, helps to remove pigmentation, dark spots or patches, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and revitalises & rejuvenates skin cells thus gifting the skin with natural fairness & glowing radiance. Because of its gentle nature, Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam tones up the skin and is also effective as a preventive application during pregnancy to protect post-delivery abdominal stretch marks. It is also helpful to lighten scars, blemishes, freckles, remove left over pimple marks, acne, soften skin to heal skin cracks, improve skin texture and complexion.
Directions for use :
A. Initial for the management of marks, patches, blemishes, skin cracks etc:
Ø       Sponge skin with warm moist towel and apply 8 to 10 drops of Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam & provide a gentle finger-tip massage
Ø       Let the application remain on face for at least 10 to 15 minutes, thereafter again sponge with normal moist towel.
Ø       For better results, allow the application to remain overnight.
Ø       Continue application regularly for atleast 6-8 weeks.
B. Maintenance or for use as a regular skin-toner and skin radiance enhancer:
Ø       Just 1-2 drops of Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam can also be mixed with any face cream or lotion and used as a daily use beauty application.

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Pentavox Kumkumadi Tailam

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