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Quick Overview : An Ayurvedic Supplement exclusively for Men

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Rejuvenation therapies and remedies are helpful to restore youthfulness of human beings, build resistance againstl diseases, check aging debilities & keep a man healthy throughout his life.
According to ancient texts, Rejuvenation is the source of strengthening all physiological components of the body and is meant to enhance health and body-essence, produce top-quality body tissues, eliminate senility prolong life & enhance memory, intelligence, youth, lustre, sweetness of voice, strength of body, senses and beauty.
Virility remedies and therapies are helpful in restoring Youthful Vigour of a man, provide tonic, strength, stimulation, increase potency & check seminal debilities. Virilization is the source of strengthening genitals & toning up reproductive system.
The Herbal Division of PENTAVOX with the untiring efforts of its dedicated team has rediscovered the most precious remedy for regaining masculinity, in the form of 1-UP Ayurvedic Capsules for Men, blended with rare herbs, minerals & trace elements.
Specific Indication and Uses: 1-UP Capsule is a strongest source of gaining energy to enhance work efficiency. It is a perfect Ayurvedic Supplement to meet all deficiencies of routine diet. The ingredients of 1-UP Capules have traditionally been used to tone up the functions of human body, since ages, and have been recommended as a compound in various ancient texts for Rejuvenation & Virility. Also useful as an adjuvant for fatigue & stress, convalescence, in all debilitating conditions and as an aphrodisiac.
Contraindications: Being a daily use Ayurvedic supplement 1-UP Ayurvedic Capsules for Men are completely safe within the recommended dosage. For prolonged usage, it is advisable to consult a physician.
Dosage: One Capsule twice daily initially for 2-3 weeks, thereafter One Capsule daily at night one hour before retiring, with milk, water or fruit juice. In case of acute weakness due to diabetes, aging factor or any other specific reason, the initial dose may be increased for 2-3 months or more. For strengthening male sex organs, apply Mascula massage oil for men along with.

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1-UP Capsules

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