Our Strengths

With its continuously ongoing R&D programme, rigid quality control measures, and adherence to an ethical manufacturing code, PENTAVOX is committed to produce better batches than the previous ones, everytime, as our propensity is more qualitative than quantitative.

At PENTAVOX, the raw ingredients are standardised by in-house Research, Development, Analytical and Quality Control labs for all kinds of Ayurvedic/Herbal formulations. Various physical, chemical and biological tests are conducted for the botanical and biochemical identification of the raw ingredients to ascertain their quality and detect adulterations. Uniform availability of the raw material all the year round is ensured by the permanent team of technocrats and the duly identified & quality certified raw material is stored in optimum quantity after sorting, cleaning, drying, fumigating and sterilising. There are Master formula records relating to all procedures of the manufacturing of each product which has been prepared and endorsed by the competent technical staff i.e. Heads of Product Development, Production, Quality Control and Specialist Ayurvedic Consultants.

A preliminary raw material protocol includes:

  • Optimum collection time according to maturity specifications of herbs;

  • Correct botanical identification (order, genus, species, variant);

  • Quality, purity and efficacy of the drug alongwith specific storage conditions;

  • Chemical composition & determination of the active principle;

  • Identification and quantification of adulterants & substitutes;

The standardisation procedure includes:

  • Morphological studies i.e., gross morphology (entire product, cyto-morphology (cell), and particle level studies.

  • Organoleptic Evalution i.e., evaluating odour, taste, colour and texture of the product.

  • Preliminary identification tests include, in-house standardised cytomorphological, microscopial examinations; sub-microscopic structural evaluations through refractive indicies & optical rotation; physical parameters of solubility; dye tests; determination of active principles, ash, moisture, essential oil contents etc.

  • Advanced identification tests begin with Chromatographic Techniques to separate complex mixtures for isolation of the active constituent.

  • "MULTI-POINT" and "MULTI-STAGE" controls to check the prescribed limits on the extraneous impurities (heavy metals, pesticidal residues, foreign matter, animal excreta, abnormal colour, odour, mould, sliminess, evidences of deterioration, etc.).

The PENTAVOX qualitative propensity is the collective accentuation of:

  • Professional ethics, safety profile, synergy of formulations and efficacy of the products

  • Master formulae, manufacturing operations, techniques and general & specific controls

  • Continuously ongoing R&D programme and rigid compliance to statutory health norms

  • Climatic adaptability considerations and patient’s acceptance & tolerance of the product

  • Customer Service Cell’s Complimentary Consultancy Service even to individual users

The team leader, Dr. Pradeep Nagrath’s dream of building of a disease free society lays a strong foundation of PENTAVOX where an extra stress is laid on the result-orientation programme. The PENTAVOX products are the ultimate result of extensive researches & rediscoveries from a rich collection of the ancient & modern ayurvedic texts in the Pentavox Library and its comprehensive team’s collective effort. At PENTAVOX we are the staunch followers of the basic motive of Ayurveda, Vyadhyup Srishtanaam Vyadhi Parimokshah, Swasthasya swaasthrakshnam cha i.e to treat & cure the ailing and maintain the health of healthy human beings.

In a nutshell, at PENTAVOX we do not think small, we think minutely.