The name, PENTA-VOX stands for VOICE OF FIVE and number FIVE comes exactly in the middle of the basic numbers and possesses a prime importance in all philosophies of life. The theory of FIVE PENTADS forms the basis of life with FIVE senses (Hearing, Touching, Seeing, Tasting and Smelling), FIVE sense materials or Panchmahabhuta (Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth), FIVE sense organs (Ear, Skin, Eyes, Tongue & Nose), FIVE sense objects (Sound, Touch, Shape, Taste & Smell) and FIVE sense perceptions (Hearing, Touching, Visual, Taste & Smell centres in brain). FIVE fingers make you work and Five toes make you move. In other words, Pentavox can be defined as a Divine voice with a Divine mission to preach and promote the Divine science of Ayurveda worldwide.

Starting simply with one product in the year 1989, PENTAVOX, in a short span of just nine years, has matured & started emerging at the forefront, and already getting recognition as a Global Herbal Giant. The one product seed has ripened to A to Z in Herbals from Original Research Orientations and the list of exporting products has grown from 01 to more than 60, out of a total of more than 140 hi-tech herbal products. Our export-market that modestly began with Netherlands in Europe, now encompasses many countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America & Canada. Now we have over 100 complex herbal products as remedies for various problems including Excellent Tonics for Liver, Brain, Heart, & Bitter Tonics; Aphrodisiacs; Haematinics; Antacids; Digestives; Expectorants; Demulcents; Blood-purifiers; Anti-rheumatic; Anti-diabetes; Anti-allergic and Anti-candida preparations, with proven efficacy besides a complete range of therapeutic cosmetics of pure herbal origin. PENTAVOX also has over 40 products of single herbal ingredient as potentiated herbs to be used as a dietary supplement or herbal vitamins and even for the management of various common problems.

The increasing load of side-effects from chemicals and global awareness is opening multilateral paths for the alternative systems. From a WHO study, an estimated 80% of about 4000 million inhabitants rely on plant products for health & beauty care. This clinical potential is likely to increase furthermore because of occurrences observed in the types of diseases. Statistical data on diseases including those on mortality show that the incidences of many infections previously growing has now declined and that chronic disorders have increased. Ayurvedic medicines have thus begun to attract attention worldwide. Patients & Doctors are more inclined to prefer alternative medicines or systems for chronic problems.

Dedicated to the cause of health through Ayurveda - regarded as an allegory of health and the most important and remarkable accomplishment of the Indian Heritage. Ayurveda as a thesaurus of health, provides basic intellectual elements and principles of medicine, very minutely. The "Perfect Health Philosophy" of Ayurveda believes and proposes that he who is in the habit of taking balanced & suitable food comprising of all essential nutritional elements, leads a perfect and happy life. The entire system of Ayurvedic treatment is based on correcting & balancing of Tridoshas (The three humors or the blemishes or the metabolic components of the body), Sapta-Dhatus (The seven physical elements of the body or the vital components) and Malas (The end product of elimination or the bodily excretas), which when get excited or vitiated, due to exogenous or endogenous causes including deficiency of nutritional ingredients, result in the impairment of body functions or disease. It may be trite but certainly a true remark that "we start dying the day we are born". The decay and degeneration, causing discomfort, disorder, disease or debility and ultimately culminating in death of the organism, are a part and parcel of our biological being.

Interestingly, without forgetting the principles of nature and theories of natural constitution, Ayurveda suggests innumerous recipes to supplement the body with such essential nutritional ingredients available from nature’s own resources for the cure of or protection from diseases. As the basic motive of Ayurveda is to treat & cure, the ailing & suffering, and maintain health of healthy human beings, since the day of its inception, so is of PENTAVOX from the day of its origin. Treating with Ayurveda means worshipping the nature.