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The Only ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2000 and GMP Certified Ayurvedic Company -

Pentavox Herbals - From Indian Heritage
Pentavox Herbals is proud to announce that their manufacturing facility has become the first Ayurvedic company to achieve ISO 22000:2005 certification. ISO 22000:2005 is the newest international standard for food safety management systems and the company's manufacturing facility went through a rigorous ISO audit to confirm eligibility.

The ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System emphasizes communication, systems management, prerequisite programs, and HACCP principals to assure complete food safety along the food chain.

The facility's ISO 22000 has been structured to dynamically integrate with their ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to create a comprehensive quality and food safety management program that assures customers of our ability to produce high quality, safe products.

Pentavox Herbals is very proud of being one of the first to be certified for this state-of-the-art food safety system. Combined with ISO 9001:2000 & existing GMP, this new certification is just one more demonstration of the company’s commitment to quality. Company’s sole mission is to promote Ayurveda for care & cure from nature’s own creations, using the rich expertise of hi-tech professionals who have successfully combined the Ancestral Wisdom, taken from the Ancient Epics, with updated, advanced, automatised & computerised technologies. This proud project of the company was blessed & inaugurated by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama of Tibet on 28th March 2000.

Pentavox Herbals, is dedicated to the research and development of the finest and most innovative botanical health care products available today. Spread in 15,000 sq ft factory and R & D Center in Ludhiana provides the consumers with potent, standardized Herbal & Ayurvedic Products backed by Good Manufacturing Practices. The company has taken the tough task to unveil the great potentials and the rich natural treasures of Ayurveda - The Divine Healer, for the global world.

Pentavox Herbals offers only those formulations that have been derived from a multitude of laboratory tests. In addition, we use only those precursor materials that are of the highest quality that pass our in house quality inspection. All raw materials are tested for authenticity by our in house laboratory prior to their use in any of our products. All of our raw materials must pass stringent quality controls before they are utilized.

Our facility has been in operation for more than 20 years, manufacturing Ayurvedic remedies, dietary supplements, natural foods, personal health care products and over the counter herbal/ayurvedic medications.

The manufacturing facility has specifically been designed to manufacture products from the receipt of raw material to the final shipping of the finished supplement. Each area of the manufacturing facility has been organized to prevent confusion and/or mistakes during the production process.

The manufacturing facility has the following specific areas allocated for the production process:

• Specific receiving and quarantine area
• Warehouse for the storage of raw materials
• Quality control laboratories
• Separate pharmacy for blending and formulating of products
• Staging area for the holding of material in the middle of production
• Specific production area for the various manufacturing processes including: forming tablets,    encapsulation, powders, liquids, oils, ointments besides all forms of traditional Ayurvedic formulary.
• Labeling and packaging area
• Climate controlled areas for the processing & storage of the finished/semi-finished products

Our production facility also adheres to strict sanitation protocols to ensure that the building is exceptionally clean and free from insects and rodents. Entire manufacturing areas have state of the art hygiene management systems to prevent excessive dust accumulation, contamination by microorganisms etc.

All raw materials are tested for purity prior to production and the quality control personnel have the authority to reject any product during any stage of production that do not adhere to our strict quality standards. All personnel follow clear written protocols that are strictly enforced during the manufacturing process. All steps during the manufacturing process are documented and reviewed by quality control specialists. Manufacturing equipments are properly maintained and cleaned on a predetermined schedule which is documented in company logs for review by the concerned Government departments & independent inspection agencies. Production records associated with each batch including all raw materials used are filed for three years past the expiration date.

Quality control is primarily organised in the following manner:

• Product analysis - is recorded for each product that is manufactured. This analysis contains the specific   components of the herbal product including a lot number for each of the ingredients and the   productions methods used.
• Raw materials - are purchased only from reputed suppliers. Each raw material in our products passes    through our in house quality assurance team that also analyzes the raw materials for authenticity.
• Packaging material - all packaging materials are purchased only from reputed suppliers. Specific    quality assurance personal ensure that all labels are assigned to the proper products manufactured to    avoid any confusion. All new labels are cross checked with the original master label to ensure there    has been no mistake during the printing process.
• Lot Numbers – any batch to be undertaken for manufacturing is entered in the production records and   a proper batch number is assigned. The raw materials are subsequently released to the pharmacy   once all products have been checked for authenticity.
• Pharmacy - after the raw materials have been released to the pharmacy, they are positioned in    carefully designated areas. A log book is then initiated for each new batch carefully noting all    procedures and lot numbers of raw materials consumed in the manufacturing process. Careful    attention is given to all pharmacy scales and additional equipment to insure proper measuring without    contamination.
• Blending and Granulation - all equipment used for in the process of mixing and granulation are    inspected by the competent quality control personnel. Raw materials are then inspected for the final    time and only then processing operation starts using the strict written guidelines for each product.    Following granulation and blending the powder blends are stored in specifically designed containers    with appropriate labels to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination.
• Pharmacopial shaping – all equipments used for the final pharmacopial shaping of the products are    inspected by competent personnel and the lots are then processed using the strict written guidelines    for each herbal product. Once a test unit has been processed a sample is unit is issued to quality    assurance to be compared to retained samples insure product integrity. Once the new unit has been    approved by quality control lab, only then the full line production begins. Quality assurance inspections    are conducted using set protocols for each form.
• Packaging and Inspection - upon completion of the processing, the final product is inspected again by    the quality control staff, and all defective finished products are removed from the lot. Products    released by the quality control staff are subsequently either packaged for bulk storage or packed and    labeled for consumer use (labels contain the appropriate information as statutorily required and batch    numbers are logged). All finished products are properly labeled and closed with a tamper proof seal.    The quality control unit also retains samples of raw materials (for one year past the expiration date of    the last product they are used in) and finished products (for one year past the product expiration    date) are maintained under control conditions.
• Final Products - all final products are stored in quarantine in a climate controlled environment until final    delivery to the customer.